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Senior Project

seniorprojectcoverFirst: yes, it’s true, this is not your grandfather’s senior magazine.

In fact, as the writers in this issue illustrate over and over again, no one even wants to be called a “senior” anymore, because no one feels like one. That’s one meaning of this magazine’s admittedly tongue-in-cheek name: taking on this new phase of life is a project, and a new generation of retirement-age boomers is redefining what the word can mean. As local boomer comic Richard Stockton says in this issue, “I’m going to act my age and effect more change than I ever have. I’m going to act my age and stay strong.” But it’s not just the Boomers; Richard von Busack stands up for the cuspers in these pages as well. Sven Davis writes about how the wild thing is no longer just a young person’s game, and June Smith profiles Vann Slatter, a shining example of how we can completely re-invent ourselves in our second act. The common denominator to all of these compelling stories is passion. Let that be the guiding principle of this senior project.



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