Do you support the recall?

Local Talk for the week of Feb. 19, 2020

Gene Manako's Headshot

Yes. It’s not so much that I am against Drew or Chris. I am a big supporter of Renee Golder, which is why I support the recall.

Gene Manako
Santa Cruz
Tech Stuff
Mary Anne Kramer-Urner's Headshot

No. My concern is I voted for the folks that are being recalled and this just negates my entire vote. I think it’s completely undemocratic.

Mary Anne Kramer-Urner
Santa Cruz
Physical Therapist
Pat Powers's Headshot

Yeah, I support the recall 100 percent. I disagree completely with the way they dealt with the homeless situation.

Pat Powers
Santa Cruz
Jan Greene's Headshot

I do not support the recall, I think it’s a mean-spirited concept in this case. 

Jan Greene
Santa Cruz
Mark Ripma's Headshot

My current thinking is yes, but I have not made a final decision. It is related to civility in government and those who work for the government being civil to the people they work with and to the community.

Mark Ripma
Santa Cruz
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