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Living in Sunlight: Risa’s Stars March 4-10

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of March 4, 2020

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of March 4, 2020

We are presently in the midst of a respiratory virus (Neptune in Pisces, sign of endings) sweeping the world, the consequences of which will shift and change the way humanity lives, breathes, moves and has its being. Taking precautions in order to maintain health and well-being at this time is essential. The physical body needs methods of purification to respond appropriately to the present health crisis.

In Letters on Occult Meditation, Alice A. Bailey recommends ways to maintain health, vitality and well-being. A purifying and refining of the physical body, emotions and lower mind is needed in times of crisis. This purification allows the soul to do the work of protection and of healing.

The refinement of the physical body can be done in practical, reasonable and utilitarian ways: pure food (raw milk, honey, organic grains, vegetables that contact the sun, fresh juices, things fermented, oranges, apples, bananas, raisins, nuts, sweet potatoes), cleanliness and water (wash hands often, shower daily, drink half one’s weight in ounces daily), sleep (between the hours of 10pm-5am), sunshine (contact with the sun and clean air), and Om. Disciples use the sound Om often—it tones the Vagus nerve, which tones the heart, which tones the body into a state of balance and harmony (Libra).  

ARIES: You’re different these days, more motivated, focused and purposeful than other signs (except Capricorn). You can therefore be misunderstood by peers, associates, colleagues and groups. Your capacity for leadership is extraordinary. However, often you cannot work with others, needing to create your own systems. One day you will stumble into the field of subtle energies—the etheric field. Here everyone and everything is connected. Pisces and Gemini live here. You can too. 

TAURUS: Although most don’t realize this, you seek to subtly and quietly prove your value and self-worth. So often you stand in shadows and behind the curtains. However, you must realize the great need in the world for the information you possess. Young aspirants, minds not yet restructured, with the desire to learn seek your advice. You were once in their place. Remember?

GEMINI: So, what is the primary emotional wound experienced as a young child? It dominates you at times. This is good—impelling you to move in a new direction, allowing the crisis spiritual teachings bring forth. The result is an inner balance, harmony and entrance into the Ashram (for which you need preparation). Then you relax into a class you’ve secretly longed for. Everyone’s waiting.

CANCER: Do you experience separation from something or someone? Do you feel a lessening of your energy, betrayed by your desires, hopes and aspirations? It’s important to realize you have the ability to see the many different subtle worlds. Give yourself adequate respect or recognition for these gifts. They are a force for goodwill. They provide direction. Stand closer to these worlds.

LEO: Did something occur when you were little in relation to your parents? Were they absent, unavailable, hurting you or themselves? And did these experiences create a hard shell around you? Your heart constantly seeks understanding and healing. With others, so often, you’re disappointed. No one seems to understand your needs. So you draw boundaries around yourself for safety. Wisdom says to simply and always give your heart away.

VIRGO: You’re very aware of the mind-body connection, of working with your health so that diet and nutrition are most important. You realize that you must, each day, keep yourself emotionally balanced, be able to concentrate on the needs of others, be able to discriminate between what others need and what you need. They are different. This is a learning curve. Connect with others not through pain but through how they serve.

LIBRA: It’s important to recognize the many ways you’re creative, how you communicate and what makes you feel healthy, wealthy and wise. It’s important also to know the difference between happiness, joy and bliss. Happiness is an everyday, personality feeling. Joy is a soul experience when we make contact and love is released. Bliss is otherworldly. It comes from spirit. Which do you experience?

SCORPIO: It would be good to learn your family lineage, history and heritage. You are sensitive to everything. However, you hide it. When we know our roots, where we came from, who our relatives were, and their history, we are able to understand ourselves better and accept our family’s behaviors.  We also realize what changes we might initiate within ourselves. So many of us don’t know who we are. Studying our family, less and less do we feel abandoned.

SAGITTARIUS: Are you feeling in control, on a journey, completely at home, calm, kind and wise? Or do you feel alienated, misguided, separate and without adequate foundation? Perhaps you feel eccentric or so spiritual you sense others no longer understand you. Perhaps you will want to write about this. Is there difficulty in making yourself understood? Or perhaps you’re not understanding yourself? Someone’s not listening. Is it you? The soul is always listening.

CAPRICORN: Notice how much pleasure you receive from resources offered everywhere and all around. There is a difference between money, possessions, resources and wealth. If you define each one, you see the subject here is one of values. Note what is of value to you? What do you value the most? Are you of value? What is value? Everything comes down to self-worth and self-value. You are worthy.

AQUARIUS: Tend to all aspects of your life and do not neglect yourselves on any level or in any manner. Seek your fullest potential in all that you do, in everyone you encounter, wherever you go. Always do your best. In daily life, make sure all rules are adhered to, all structures in place. Leave nothing to chance. Each day help others to achieve their goals and dreams and recognize themselves. You are an Aquarian teacher.

PISCES: You must keep yourself healthy. Be aware of not absorbing other people’s thoughts, emotions and difficulties. You are empathic. To use this gift effectively one must be spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically strong. Allow no nervous tension or worries. You are bringing secrets out into the open for the benefit of humanity. You are a teacher and healer. Protect yourself. Happy birthday.

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