Volcanoes and Earthquakes

blog_yogaWhat happens when I see evidence of the rumblings and origins of the Earth?  Seeing an erupting volcano makes me question my understanding of this planet and my life, as I know it.  The volcano is evidence of forces still active on this Earth and a reminder of continual changes.  The calm summer days of Santa Cruz are a memory as I witness the drama of steam pushing its way out of random crevices, dark clouds forming over the top, huge moon-like craters. My life is short in comparison and I stand in awe.  I am able to observe a movement of time and see the physical turmoil of the earth.  We humans continue to alter our planet to suit our needs and are shocked when eruptions erupt and earthquakes quake.

Maybe this is why the breathing helps.  It brings me back to my natural rhythm, allowing me to become calm, to erupt, or to quake.  After all, we are a part of the earth and can learn a few lessons from the surprises that it continues to give.  Krishnamurti asks us to observe the whole movement of time and relate this to the movement of thought.  He says that thought and time are not two different things.  Neither ever ends.

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