Where I write

blog_yogaMy creative writing process begins with a connection between my right hand, specifically the fingers, a sanford uniball onyx micro blue pen, and a cool looking notebook.  For some reason, the notebook is of great importance. I prefer writing creatively in a notebook as opposed to the legal pad attached to the clipboard that I cart around with me containing my list for the day as well as some scribbles of ideas.  Somehow I trust my writing style and content most when it is on the pages of a ‘Moleskine.” The moleskin is “the legendary notebook of artists, writers, intellectuals and travelers,” and has been around for over 200 years. (www.moleskineus.com).  They say that the moleskine was used by Ernest Hemminway, Vincent van Gogh, and others of noteworthy fame who were tortured artists, but brilliant and good company to be part of, as I see it.  I prefer the lined notebooks for writing, but have been know to pick up a plain paper book for quick sketching. Bookshop Santa Cruz (www.bookshopsantacruz.com) carries these notebooks in hardcover, soft cover, plain, lined and as monthly planner.


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